I'm Danielle Joy- the person behind the pictures! You can find me with my Nikon strapped to me scaling a mountain, laying in the snow to get the 'perfect' angle, or in a canoe in the center of a lake clutching my camera. If I had it my way I would be dolled up capturing lovely weddings half the week and the other half wearing flannel on a pine-covered mountain with my loved ones nearby. 

I LOVE what I do.

Why is this important to you?

Because I have a passion for capturing photographs- I work exceptionally hard for my artwork and genuinely care about each shot.

Because I have an affinity for delicate flowers, sparkly jewelry, tight hugs, and unrestrained laughter, I will not miss those shots.

Because I don't mind getting dirty, I will do what it takes to get the best photograph.

I am willing to go above and beyond for you... Because I love what I do. I believe that matters when choosing a photographer.

I believe in the power of real magic.


I believe in the power of family.

I believe in the power of adventure.


I believe in the power of passion.

I believe in the power of enjoying a moment of simplicity.

I believe in the power of hard work.


I believe in the power of true love.


I believe every moment captured, is a moment remembered, and a part to your story.

I believe in the power of a photograph.